Trailblazing Taiwan (Starting July 18th 2024)

Discover Taiwan’s groundbreaking innovation and creativity through five exceptional Virtual Reality films. Taiwan, a trailblazer in the VR industry, is renowned for its high-quality productions. With Nu:Reality’s selection, experience the best Taiwan has to offer in your own cinema.

Immerse yourself in enchanting journeys through magical places and childhood memories. Explore the delicate balance between desire and happiness, and let yourself be swept away to beautiful mountaintops. Dive into a futuristic world where time proves to be an illusion, and experience the intimate and touching moments of a family coming together in their old home to say goodbye.

Nu:Reality’s VR program “Trailblazing Taiwan” invites you to experience the pinnacle of Taiwanese Virtual Reality through 360° films and interactive installations, on view from July 18th to September 17th, 2024.


LantarenVenster | Rotterdam
LUX | Nijmegen
Schuur | Haarlem
Filmhuis Den Haag | Den Haag
Eye| Amsterdam
Concordia | Enschede
Slachtstraat | Utrecht

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