Floating with Spirits

Floating with Spirits Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a two-day Mexican holiday that reunites the dead and the living. Floating with Spirits offers viewers the chance to experience this famed, intimate ritual for themselves. We follow two sisters as they prepare for the Day of the Dead in the mystical mountains of Mexico, recalling the ... Read More


Songbird Discover the lush rainforests of Kauai in Songbird. Many of Hawaii’s unique native birds are critically endangered, and for some, like the renowned ʻōʻō bird, it’s already too late. Songbird, produced by The Guardian, follows in the footsteps of the scientist Dr. Jim Jacobi, the last known person to observe the ʻōʻō bird in 1985. In this enchanting VR ... Read More


Gondwana Gondwana is a perennially evolving virtual ecosystem that explores the possible futures of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree in Australia. The surrounding environment shifts dynamically as you roam freely throughout the vast landscape of ancient trees and unfamiliar animals. But a broader story unfolds in the background: as the day goes by, the rainforest is declining, in line ... Read More

Myriad 360

MYRIAD 360 MYRIAD 360 brings the story of the nearly extinct hermitibis, and its spectacular reintroduction to the world, to life using the latest 360° 3D technology. This immense, mythical bird once roamed the wilds of Europe, but now is only found in Morocco. Bringing young ibis into the world in captivity is one thing, but how do you teach ... Read More

Planet ∞

Planet ∞ In the VR film Planet ∞, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival, Japanese filmmaker Momoko Seto paints a picture of a new world governed by nature. Here, planet Earth as we know it has been destroyed. Humans, along with most animals, have become extinct, survived only by insects and fungi. But when the weather turns, the ... Read More

David Attenborough’s First Life

 David Attenborough’s First Life For more than sixty years, biologist and TV producer David Attenborough (aged 97) has traveled the globe, recording the planet and the astonishing life that resides on it, always accompanied by breathtaking images and his charming, easily recognizable voiceover. This time, he’s going 3,5 billion years back in time, using virtual reality to bring long-extinct fossils ... Read More