I Saw The Future

I Saw The Future I Saw the Future allows spectators to submerge themselves in a three-dimensional space echoing the futurist predictions of Arthur C. Clarke, the co-writer of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Director: François Vautier Year of production: 2017 Country of Production: France Genre of the VR piece: Experimental Duration: 6 min


Shadowtime ‘Shadowtime’ is a new word coined for our age, describing the feeling of occupying two irreconcilable times simultaneously. It is being stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work and realizing that the gas in your engine is the compressed mass of prehistoric creatures. It is scrolling through your phone and remembering that the earth is changing ... Read More

The Great Hoax: The Moon Landing

Great Hoax: The Moon Landing An interactive VR comedy about Taiwanese faking a moon-landing, in which you play the first Taiwanese astronaut on the moon. Follow instructions from the director to give your most heroic performance...until you watch the finished video and realize how outrageous it has become. Director: John HSU, Marco LOCOCO Year of production: 2020 Country of Production: ... Read More


Spheres Dive into the heart of a black hole and uncover the hidden songs of the cosmos. In this interactive VR experience, the breakthrough discovery of gravitational waves transforms how we see the Universe. Fall into the darkness, and you will find the light. Director: Eliza McNitt Year of production: 2019 Country of Production: France Genre of the VR piece: ... Read More


Aripi This story is about an astronaut who, as a child, dreamed of flying and being free. And now he seems to be flying in the sky, but he is actually locked in the capsule of a spacecraft. One day, minor problems lead to bigger problems, causing the spaceship to lose control and collapse on Earth. And now the astronaut ... Read More

1st Step

1st Step Legendary Footprints – A breathtaking journey into space following in the tracks of the Apollo missions, from the rocket launch up to their return on earth. “First Step” is at once both a VR documentary and a fairy tale, telling the magical story of a dream come true: the Apollo missions. Experience the elevator ride as you rise ... Read More